Thursday, 29 November 2012

Our monthly meeting with our friends from Illinois

Google Hangout was the tool we used this time to connect with our friends. It gives us the chance to see and talk with many people from all over the world at the same time!!! Here's what it looks like from the eyes of Katherine, our favourite cat from Chicago!!!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Our project was about our ideal home!

 I live in a cottage. I like the balcony because it has got a very beautiful vie. My favourite room is my room because it is big and it has got beautiful colours. In my house, I like sleeping and sitting in my balcony.

My ideal house is a villa. I like the villa because it is big and it is near my best friend's house. My favourite room is the jacuzzi because I swim and it is fantastic. I like playing computer games in my bedroom.

My home is a flat. My house has four floors and they are big floors. My favourite room is the sitting room because I watch TV, I do my homework, play on the computer and watch TV.

I live in a flat. I like my home because it is big and it has a basketball court. I like my bedroom and the balcony because I have fun with my friends. I like watching TV and looking at the beautiful flowers.

I live in a flat in Chaidary. In my house I like my bedroom Because it is comfortable and my computer Because I like the video games. My favourite room is the sitting room. I watch TV, do my homework and the table because I eat every day there. I like to play in the computer and to sleep.

My ideal house is one house with 200 rooms. My house has weapons and I like it. It has a room with computer games. I like to play with my weapons. I love my house and my cat.

The shape of my dream house is like number 11. My dream house has two bathrooms, four bedrooms, one kitchen and one living room. So when I grow up I wish my house is like my dream house.

Let's play...

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Team-blogging Fun with friends from the WORLD!

Our class is going to connect with two other classes. One from Australia and one from the USA!
We'll get to make new friends, learn about their countries, talk to them on Skype and write in each oter's blog. It's going to be a FUN year!
Our friends want to learn about us and have put up some questions on our wall!
Click here to add your questions!