Sunday, 27 January 2013

Our project is about our favourite restaurant or cafe!

My favourite restaurant is "Goodys". "Goody's" is in Kavalas Road. Outside it is red and very beautiful. My family and I go there. It has got food and drinks. I like to eat club sandwich and drink coca cola. I like "Goodys" because the food is delicious and it is fast food.

My favourite cafe is "Trak". This cafe is in Haidari. This cafe is big and it has got big tables inside and outside. I often go there with my parents and friends. It has got food, coffee and cakes. I eat club sandwich. I like this cafe because it has got good food and coffee and because it has got good... girls!
The name of my favourite restaurant is "Goody's". It is in Egaleo. It looks like a mini restaurant. I go there with my family. It has got hamburgers, potatoes and salads. I like to eat a hamburger. I like it because I like the food.
My favourite cafe is "Trak" and it is in Haidari. It is a very big cafe and it is beautiful.It also has small armchairs, colourful tables and chairs. I go there with my friends and my family. it has got sandwiches and it has various drinks. I drink milk shake and eat a sandwich. I like it because I see my friends there.

The name of my favourite cafe is "Grammatosimo". It is in Haidari. It has got old things and it has got 2 floors. I go ther with my parents or my friends. It has got milkshake, chocolate with cookies and club sandwich. I like to drink chocolate with cookies. i like it because it has got old things.

My favourite cafe is "Epopsis". It opens at 10 o'clock. I like drinking hot chocolate. My friend and I go to "Epopsis". I like drinking Bacardi. I like "Epopsis" Because it is a big cafe.

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